The purpose of these tables is to maintain a schedule of scientific talks and discussions relevant to your program.

Before you depart, PLEASE fill out an activity report and report your publications to KITP. The KITP needs feedback from the community: this not only serves help to improve and develop our services; it also provides an evaluation tool that is crucial to our continued funding.

Any manuscript for which the KITP's facilities are used, and any research which is started and/or completed at the KITP should have the following acknowledgment: This research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. NSF PHY11-25915. Please also list the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics as an institutional affiliation, if at all possible.

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Week 1
Time / Location

Jan 2
Initial meeting of those present
Courtyard 3 15 PM

Jan 3
SSR 1 15 PM

Talk 1 45 PM

Residence tour 4 PM
James Langer
Nonequilibrium statistical theories of dislocation plasticity
Jan 4
Talk SSR 10 30 AM
Michael Falk
Microstructural memory in amorphous solids: STZ defects and configurational temperature fields
Jan 5
Discussion SSR 1 30 PM
Sidney Nagel

Week 2
Jan 8
Talk SSR 10 30 AM
Enzo Marinari
Mathematical structure and memory of disordered systems: The metastate approach
Jan 9
Talk SSR 1 30 PM
Joseph Paulsen
Multiple memory formation in a sheared non-Brownian suspension
Jan 10
Talk SSR 10 30 AM

Special Seminar + Discussion
SSR 1 30 PM
Arvind Murugan

Pinaki Chaudhuri
Generalization, learning and memories

Deformation Response of Glasses
Jan 11
Talk SSR 10 30 AM
Mehran Kardar
Immunological memory and immunological tolerance
Jan 12
Discussion SSR 1 30 PM
Srikanth Sastry

Week 3
Jan 15

Jan 16
Talk SSR 1 30 PM
Mogens Jensen
"Time correlations in cell dynamics".
Jan 17
Talk SSR 10 30 AM

Discussion SSR 1 30 PM
Marjolein Dijkstra

Enzo Marinari & co
Rational Design of Colloidal Building Blocks by Tailoring their Kinetic Self-Assembly Pathways

Jan 18
Talk SSR 10 00 AM
Srividya Iyer-Biswas

Marija Vucelja
Aging dynamics of an emergent cellular unit of time

The Mpemba Index and Anomalous Relaxation
Jan 19
Discussion SSR 1 30 PM
Susan Coppersmith

Week 4 [No talks except Wednesday afternoon owing to the dense suspensions conference]
Jan 22

Jan 23

Jan 24
Talk SSR 1 30 PM
Miranda Holmes-Cerfon
Are sticky colloids geometrically frustrated?
Jan 25

Jan 26

Week 5

Jan 29
Blackboard Talk
AUD 12 15PM
Srikanth Sastry
Memory Formation in Matter
Jan 30
Talk AUD 1 30 PM
Leticia Cugliandolo
Early history memory in statistical physics models: From 2D coarsening to mean field disordered systems
Jan 31
Talk AUD 10 30 AM
Craig Maloney
Meso-scale models of amorphous plasticity: diffusion, rheology, and memory near the yield point
Feb 1
Talk AUD 10 30 AM
Muhittin Mungan
Depinning, coagulation, and hysteresis graphs.
Feb 2
Talk AUD 1 30 PM
Karin Dahmen
Memory, Avalanches, and history induced critical behavior

Week 6

Feb 5
Talk AUD 10 30 AM
Damien Vandembroucq
Bulk and surface memory effects in silica glass
Feb 6
Talk AUD 1 30 PM
Ken Sekimoto
Process memory in rubber and drying suspension, review and proposition
Feb 7
Discussion AUD 10 30 AM

Feb 8
Talk AUD 10 30 AM
Alberto Rosso
The memory of thermal avalanches in the ultra-slow domain wall dynamics
Feb 9
Discussion AUD 1 30 PM


Week 7
Feb 12 - 16 -- Memory Conference

Week 8 Feb 19 - 23

Feb 19
Holiday: No Meeting

Feb 20
Talk SSR 1 30 PM
Alan Middleton (Syracuse)
Patchy memories in a low dimensional model: The effects of disorder, noise, and genesis
Feb 21
Talk SSR 10 30 AM
Yoav Lahini (Tel Aviv)
Kovacs-like memory effect in disordered mechanical systems
Feb 22
Talk SSR 10 30 AM
Lev Truskinovsky (ESPCI)
Training shape memory alloys
Feb 23
Discussion SSR 1 30 PM

Week 9 Feb 26 - Mar 2

Monday Feb 26
10:30 AM
Jasna Bruic
Memories in a Jar: Experimental Realization

Tuesday Feb 27
1:30 PM

Wednesday Feb 28
10:30 AM

Thursday March 1
10:30 AM

Friday March 2
1:30 PM

Week 9 Mar 5 - Mar 9

Monday March 5
1:30 PM
[Joint with Suspensions]
Romain Mari
Shaken and stirred: Random organization, viscosity and dissipation in granular suspension

Tuesday March 6
11 AM
[Joint with Suspensions]
Karen Daniels
Direct tests of nonlocal rheologies in experiments

Wednesday March 7
10:30 AM
Sum up

Thursday March 8
10:30 AM

Friday March 9
1:30 PM
Wilson Poon
Complexity and decay: towards a physics of active disassembly

*Aud=Auditorium, SSR=Small Seminar Room, MSR=Main Seminar Room FR=Founders' Room